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Include Hearty Soups this Winter to Steer Clear of Illness, Cites Research

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Include Hearty Soups this Winter to Steer Clear of Illness, Cites Research

December 16
11:48 2015

soupNew Delhi, Wednesday, December 16 – Winter season is troubling the masses in more ways than one at present. Delhi, Lucknow, Kanpur, Jaipur, Allahabad, Bihar and other cities are receiving enormous sunshine, which is good during the season, but situations aren’t the same in the mountainous regions.

When winter is at peak, warm clothes aren’t enough to stay away from chill. Diet needs an attention too since a lot of things depend upon the food we eat. Most of the people fail to remove soda water drinks and ice creams from there menu regardless of feeling the shiver. This might satisfy the palate for a short time but that is certainly going to increase probability of falling sick. Usually, food lovers do not require to compromise on the health part when a number of nutritious elements are available in the market and take just a few minutes to cook.

Cold climatic conditions are the best time to eat and relish new flavors. Digestive system is good at this point of time. Vegetable prices come into feasible price structure, giving people enormous option to start healthy eating. As per a latest research, the more healthy soups one consume on a daily basis, the higher are the chances of being fit when weather is entering in transition phase. Combination of lentil and potato, corn and red pepper, cauliflower and leeks, roasted sweet potato and Quinoa, mushroom and a few garlic cloves, apple and parsnip with some potato, roasted cauliflower with chickpea dumplings etc. are packed with flavors.

The goodness of freshly made vegetable soup is unmatched. if truth be told then freshness what diners find in moms’ recipe can hardly be found. Citing significance of having soups, the research said people can make sure the body gets required nourishment this way. Root vegetable soup, coconut lime with tofu, peanut soup and butternut squash and roasted red pepper soups are perfect to have at least once in a week if not possible to have regularly.

Beetroots are full of nutrition and so are leafy greens. Slow cooker recipes are super hit when one doesn’t have enormous time to cook. Turnips, tomatoes, bottle gourd, carrots, mushrooms, some sprigs of coriander and spinach, along with a glass of water, prepare tasty soup when pressure cooked for 10 to 15 minutes. In order to increase its richness, cashew cream can be added. Fresh cream is also good if poured in a little quantity as a dressing. The key of staying fit is in one’s hands. The only point individuals should remember is maintaining the hygiene while food preparation. Proper washing of leafy vegetables is important to remove pesticides’ residue and make is absolutely perfect for consumption in more ways than one, the researcher engaged in the study mentioned further.

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