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Dr. Roberto Jimenez advocates for CBT in his new book to gain happiness

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Dr. Roberto Jimenez advocates for CBT in his new book to gain happiness

December 16
17:55 2022
Dr. Roberto Jimenez, psychotherapist, counselor & creative thinker, discusses how our thoughts influence our feelings and suggests having Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to change our thinking patterns in his new book.

Dr. Roberto Jimenez has just published a concise and easy-to-read book entitled Be Happy Now: After All, Happiness Is Our True Nature. Dr. Jimenez, a psychotherapist and licensed mental healthcare professional, has dissected the concept of happiness in his book. He finds the cues and triggers that generate happiness and helps keep this state for a long time. 

Dr. Jimenez is an advocate of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), an area in which he has extensive experience and expertise. Cognitive Behavior Therapy is a form of psychological treatment that is evidence-based in its applications and effectiveness. It is based on the common-sense model of the relationships among cognition, emotion, and behavior, concentration. 

Three aspects of cognition that are incorporated in CBT include:

– Automatic thoughts, 

– Cognitive distortions, and 

– Underlying beliefs or schemas

CBT could help people recognize and change their distorted thoughts and address their skewed underlying beliefs. The book states that CBT could be handy in dealing with conditions like anxiety, depression, eating disorders, marital issues, and even the use of drugs and alcohol. These are the elements that have a direct connection to one’s state of happiness.

By educating the targeted audience,  Be Happy Now: After All, Happiness Is Our True Nature helps people change their patterns. By readjusting these patterns, one can get rid of unhealthy thinking and better understand people’s motivations and behaviors. 

The official website of Roberto Jimenez Therapy can be visited to get more information. The book is available on Amazon for sale. 

About the Author:

Roberto Jimenez is a self-help author whose inspirational book My Life in Colors: Embrace the Rainbow is rooted in his life story and boundless self-belief. His goal is to motivate others, especially young people to get to know themselves better, follow their hearts, and become their own biggest advocates.

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