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A New Form Embarked on Flala, “Social + Game” is Launched

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A New Form Embarked on Flala, “Social + Game” is Launched

December 19
16:18 2022

With the version updated recently, Flala, the real-time social chat platform, has launched several small games one after another. Meanwhile, Flala has also launched the “2022 Crazy World Cup” game related to the World Cup to cater to the opening of the FIFA World Cup. It may be means that Flala has officially launched a new mode of “social+game” on the social track.


It is stated in the research report that providing small games in social products has a significant promotional effect on improving users’ retention, payment and so on. The reason behind this is inseparable from the fact that games provide topics for users. Games can be used as a topic to start chatting and socializing, which lower the threshold for strangers to contact and talk to each other for the first time, and help them understand each other better. Games also promote the intimacy of relationships.

When it comes to the mode of “social+game”, we add the module of game in the social system, so that users can have a game like experience when they chat and interact with others. Integrating the entertainment scenarios and interactive play of the game, users of Flala who may not know each other at the beginning or who are not familiar with others at initial match can have reasons to start chatting and social interaction.


Just like Flala’s “Love Tree”, you can send a tree-planting invitation in the chat page to your friend and water trees every day with your friend. Planting trees or watering trees can be a topic to open a conversation. You keep in touch with your friend every day since the tree shall be watered every day. In that case, your relationship with your friends is more intimate, because you witness the growth of trees together, and experience the joy of cultivating games while chatting.


If “Love Tree” is a casual game, “FLAPPY BIRD” and “Tiao Yi Tiao” are more competitive. In “FLAPPY BIRD” we avoid obstacles by manipulating the birds on the screen to move up and down with fingers; While in “Tiao Yi Tiao” we press the screen with our finger to accumulate power and let the column jump to another foothold. You need to control the power exactly, otherwise, you will fail. We have a ranking list for these two games respectively, so you can check your performance rankings, share them with your friends, or challenge them in the ranking.

Flala allows users to interact with each other through games by granting social behaviors the attributes of entertainment or competition, which can attract user’s attention and is also the topic and starting point for users to chat and socialize naturally.

As a popular emerging social application platform, Flala enables users to communicate in real-time  with voice, video, text and various games with optimized technology. Flala’s goal is to build a boundless social space for global users to chat easily and share their feelings anytime, anywhere.

Nowadays, game-based social networking has become a major trend in the social market. How to better integrate social networking and games is a subject that needs to be studied in the social application market, which is also the direction Flala needs to think about in order to create the long-term value of “social+game” mode. Only playing methods that meet users’ needs can better provide users with social services. I believe that Flala will continue to enrich and innovate its product experience in the future, and launch more innovative “social+game” products.

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