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‘Original Geoms’ – Art in its purest form using patterns and colors

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‘Original Geoms’ – Art in its purest form using patterns and colors

December 19
12:50 2022

The human eye is accustomed to finding and recognizing patterns in everything. An endless number of possibilities hide behind the right mix of shapes, objects, and colours. And, NFT art has been a trend in the cryptocurrency world, which presents a digital way of displaying and distributing artworks.

Although the three sentences above may seem disjunct, when combined, they describe the ‘Original Geoms’, an NFT project and collection designed and created by Clars. Imagine the result of a creative combination of patterns (which is essential to the human eyes and mind) and color (the very essence of beauty), and you have a vivid image of the ‘Original Geoms’ in perception.

And I know you have some questions, including, ‘Who is Clars?’ I will answer that shortly and very quickly below.

Meet Clars – a Pattern art design prodigy


Image created by AI tool: Deepdreamgenerator

A deep dive into the personality of the six-year-old, award-winning, and creative digital artist, Clars is necessary to understand the origin of her debut collection, ‘Original Geoms’.

Her creative adventure started when she was much younger, having witnessed her parents (both designers) working from home. Clars was first introduced to digital drawing on her Ipad through Sketches School, a drawing package designed specifically for children. Since then, fingers on the screen, she has not stopped doodling away.

Her love of patterns became inspired by generative art. She spends a lot of time with Acrylicode, Tynkersynth, and Artbreeder (accessible generative code generators and machine learning-based websites). And, spurring her on, she jointly won the RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) Easter Egg design competition!

It was a fascinating experience that unlocked and unleashed Clars pattern art design. Having the ability to draw rapidly without any preparation and share her designs with friends proved satisfying and she could not stop designing. She would often spend several hours designing with shape and color to create stunning pattern works. She soon developed an explosive creative flair based on her vision while optimizing the usage of generative art produced by Algorithm based imagery.

Okay, that’s a little bit of information about Clars. Let’s move on and talk about what you should know about her first collection, ‘Original Geoms’.

What is ‘Original Geoms’? Everything you need to know

Soon to be released, ‘Original Geoms’ is Clars debut collection on Opensea. Original Geoms is a series where Clars experiments with shapes and colors to produce stunning and outstanding visual patterns which are guided by design journey and experience. Her understanding of the logical consistency of generated art mixes with pure intention to create a space of works that is distinct with clearly outlined and recognizable patterns.

Image created by AI tool: Deepdreamgenerator 

A careful arrangement of objects and good usage of colors births an outstanding yet easy-to-recognize image. The future of design works is evident in her works which offer both a mirror into the present and a door into the future.

Clars ‘Original Geoms’ is her first collection, (her Genesis Drop) available for purchase as NFTs on Opensea on the 27th of December 22, with the help of her parents. The collection will be limited to only 10 NFT’s and there will be 3 Geom collections, launched each with 10 NFTs.

Follow the links below to check out some of her other work and stay updated about her ongoing projects:

Please note that her website, profile, and social media accounts are managed by her parents.

And that’s it, I hope you have gained an insight and are eager for the release of the Original Geoms collection.

Media Contact
Company Name: Clars – an individual artist
Contact Person: Roger Hulley (Clara’s dad)
Email: Send Email
City: Harrogate
State: North Yorkshire
Country: United Kingdom

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