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Link3 is the Community-oriented Social Platform to Bring Trust and Meaningful Engagement Back to the Web3 Space

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Link3 is the Community-oriented Social Platform to Bring Trust and Meaningful Engagement Back to the Web3 Space

December 19
21:46 2022

As communities have become a pivotal factor in the proliferation of Web3, Link3 has taken practical steps to restore trust in the Web3 sphere by creating a social platform meant to assist organizations build veritable communities and allow users to create reliable Web3 identities. Link3 creates real utilities and use cases for communities and users to utilize crypto technology for meaningful social engagement thus paving the way for the mass adoption of this nascent technology.

About Link3 is a Web3 social network of verifiable identities and a community hub where teams build meaningful relationships with community members. One of the killer features on Link3 is its Event Planner. Link3 Event Planner is the world’s biggest Web3 AMA platform and provides a powerful toolkit to enable teams to build meaningful relationships with community members through Web3-native events.

With Link3 events, projects and teams can upgrade the same old Twitter Spaces and Discord AMAs to Web3 native events and streamline the events organization, analysis, SBT issuance, and reward distribution to supercharge community engagement.

What sets Link3 apart from other dApps, is its unique take on crypto adoption, as being intrinsically linked to the idea of trust and security within the Web3 environment.

As a Web3 social network of verifiable identities, Link3 offsets the negative impact of artificially-enhanced communities, such as the lack of trust and sustainability, by providing projects with a complete set of tools to enable verifiable recognition of contribution and roles, organic exposure and deployment of effective engagement strategies for their users.

For organizations, Link3 does the heavy lifting of setting up an event by offering seamless integrations of features such as community rewards, SBT issuance, analytics, and automatic design options, so that community leaders and organizers have a complete set of responsive tools at their fingertips.

Furthermore, Link3 explores the idea of “identity” through multi-faceted lenses, as connections, assets, credentials, and on-chain activity records become the building blocks of users’ newly-defined Web3 status. This positively impacts how people and organizations get to interact with other parties by facilitating more meaningful connections between groups and individuals whilst making tasks such as networking, applying for postions, delegating votes, and gating accesses much easier.

In practice, Link3 serves as the nexus point for reliable Web3 identities while also providing its users with the means to create reliable communities. Link3 is currently in closed beta and invite-only. Projects are welcome to get in touch with the team directly for setting up and verifying their organizational profiles, and for users, there’s a large scale whitelisting campaign going on with the #Connect2022 end-of-year celebrations.

Built on CyberConnect

Link3 is built on top of CyberConnect’s decentralized social network protocol. Link3 stores all profile info and connections in a decentralized and self-sovereign manner. Such profiles and connections are blockchain agnostic and can be ported to any platform, breaking down the walls of siloed centralized platforms and enabling users and projects to fully control their identities and connections.

The W3ST Token

W3ST(Web3 Status Token) is CyberConnect’s ERC721 token standard designed with on-chain issuer reference for constructing the layer of trust and verifiable identities from the bottom up. Web3 Status Tokens carry the significance of status and can serve as endorsements, proof of participation, community roles & credentials, among many things.


Since its launch, Link3 has enjoyed growing popularity amongst top projects and communities such as BNB Chain, CoinList, MaskNetwork, Galxe, Multicoin Capital, Zapper, STEPN, Coinvise, LiveArt, Hashflow, ZetaChain, TreasureDAO, Zerion, LearnWeb3DAO, Snapshot, among more than 800 verified projects on the platform. Thus far, Link3 has held more than 1,561  events on its platform, summing up to a total of 1,254k  participants. Furthermore, 680k W3ST tokens were issued and awarded to AMA attendees for supporting the community and being active participants in various events.

What to expect from here

Link3 also recently launched their flagship thought leadership panel series,  where leaders from within and outside of the industry, coming from different diverse perspectives, join to have thoughtful dialogues on relevant Web3 topics. The topics may be trendy and timely,  but with the hope that the conversations around them can echo long and far. The Panels also help demonstrate the best of Link3’s event features as its episode on average gets 2k+ listeners.

As the end of 2022 is fast approaching, the team has also a grand end-of-year celebration #Connect2022, with their closest leading partners in Web3 and all core communities. December will be full of serial 2022 recap events hosted by Link3, partners and industry leaders, and large scale Link3 access whitelisting, exclusive rewards, and prizes are given out to those core community contributors as well. There has been an average of more than 15k participants to every Twitter Space event of the campaign. To learn more, visit the campaign website and follow it on Twitter.


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