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NexerBit plans to recruit global professional ‘Copytrade’ traders

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NexerBit plans to recruit global professional ‘Copytrade’ traders

December 19
23:10 2022

NexerBit, a global digital asset trading platform, announced that it will be recruiting traders for ‘CopyTrade’, a service that allows you to select global professional trader strategies from December 15th to December 31st.

NexerBit officially announced that it launched a “copy trading” service in 2021.

The ‘copy trading’ service is a service that copies the same investment and trading methods used by professional traders, and then adjusts and invests so that trading can be carried out according to individual circumstances. Through the copy trading service, users can adopt the know-how and strategies of experienced traders in the field of investment.

Through this service, professional traders can share their knowledge and know-how with users without being limited by time and space, and followers can learn their skills.

The NexerBit official said, “It is expected that the liquidity crisis in the financial market will intensify until the second half of this year, and it is unlikely that a huge amount of money will flow into the market. As the market undergoes major changes due to various factors, users will have difficulty investing.”

The official added, “When using the copy trading service, traders will quickly and accurately manage various and comprehensive factors such as market analysis, market entry point prediction, position management, leverage control, and profit and loss. It will be especially helpful for beginner investors.”

However, “users should also be careful in choosing professional traders. And users should be aware that losses may occur. In other words, users should properly check the trader’s records for the previous period and evaluate whether the trader has sufficient experience, how long he has been trading, and whether he can see profits in the long term.”

Meanwhile, in 2021, NexerBit focused on supporting various investment options and continuously improved the user experience based on the world’s top traders, with the phrase ‘copy trade, trade like an expert’ as its motto.

NexerBit plans to recruit stock and derivatives traders from the asset management and securities industries. The application condition is a stock trader who meets the requirements of 3 to 5 years of experience worldwide. You can apply for a professional copy trader on the NexerBit website.

In copy trading service, when the trader incurs a loss, the follower also incurs a loss. Therefore, users should be careful in choosing a trader.

The NexerBit official said, “We will try to introduce skilled traders through verification as much as possible.”

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