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AMBCrypto launches its Crypto Profit Calculator

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AMBCrypto launches its Crypto Profit Calculator

December 19
21:31 2022
AMBCrypto’s profit calculator homepage
The article takes a look at the newly launched Crypto profit calculator by AMBCrypto.

The crypto space is fast-paced and traders are always looking for new opportunities to make profits and cut their losses. Keeping up with everything that goes on in the 24X7 market can be a challenge and new users especially can find it very hard to be on top of the space while also making their trades and tracking their profits and losses. 

The crypto space is a constantly evolving market, with new coins and tokens being introduced every day. Traders are always on the lookout for the next big thing in the space and they want to be there first before anyone else so that they can make profits from it. Keeping up with everything that goes on in the 24X7 market can be a challenge and new users especially need help to be on top of things while also making their trades and tracking their profits/losses. In the end, it is always important for traders to keep in mind that they are responsible for their own investments and cannot blame anyone but themselves if they lose out on profits. 

The cryptocurrency market is a highly volatile one. Anyone who has been following the news knows that prices can fluctuate wildly in a day, sometimes even by 10% or more! Therefore, it is important for traders to understand that not all of their trades will be winners and they need to be prepared for losses as well as profits. One way to do this is by creating stop-loss orders which are basically orders placed with your broker. When the price of the asset you are trading moves against your position, it triggers a stop-loss order and automatically sells at the market price. This means that if you have set up a stop-loss order correctly, it will protect your investment from further losses.

Manually calculating the profit/loss for every trade can be a strenuous task full of numbers and complex estimations, adding to it factors such as the maker/seller fees, traders can fall prey to inaccuracies easily. 

A crypto profit calculator can hence, prove to be useful for users of all levels. It is a tool that simplifies the tedious process of calculating the profit or loss made in each trade and gives accurate numbers helpful for the traders to understand how much gain or loss they will incur with a specific trade. 

There is a large number of crypto profit calculators available online. They can be programmed with various features, based on the user’s requirements and choice. Some require inputting data while some do not and only use historical data to calculate the results.

AMBCrypto has recently launched its Crypto Profit Calculator that aims to do exactly these things. The platform has also an added maker/seller fee component that helps traders get precise numbers instead of a random or vague calculation. ROI or Return on Investment calculations can also be tough if there is a large number of tokens or multiple trades involved, adding to these components like varied exchange fees for entering and exiting trades, profit calculations can be cumbersome. 

Profit calculations made easy 

AMBCrypto’s profit calculator has been designed keeping in mind users of all levels. The tool is simple and efficient in its calculations and involves 5 easy steps. 

Users just need to choose the fiat currency that they traded on the exchange (USD, EUR, INR, etc.) and then select the cryptocurrency they bought. As the profit or loss depends on the Buy and Sell prices and not the coin, this step is optional. 

Next, in the “Investment” field they have to enter the amount they invested and then enter the Buy and Sell prices. If the user knows more about the investment/trading fee of the exchange then they can enter the same in the given field otherwise it can be left blank. That’s it! Users get to see the circulating supply, market cap, total supply, and 24-hour trading volume of the coin of their choice along with the profit or loss they made with the trade. AMBCrypto also has the Crypto Marketcap Calculator, where users can check the price of their Coin A with the market cap of Coin B. 

Along with tracking the gains and losses made with their trades, AMB’s profit calculator also has a section that allows users to read price predictions for major cryptocurrencies and check out the latest news in the crypto space.

The platform plans to expand their offerings and provide multiple calculators and tools for their user base that will help them make more informed investment decisions. 

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