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After record-breaking 120+ franchise in less than a quarter, new target of 1000+ franchise is set in Indian Region – DMITians by Global Skill Academy

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After record-breaking 120+ franchise in less than a quarter, new target of 1000+ franchise is set in Indian Region – DMITians by Global Skill Academy

December 20
16:54 2022
After record-breaking 120+ franchise in less than a quarter, new target of 1000+ franchise is set in Indian Region - DMITians by Global Skill Academy

They are a dynamic group of professionals from various fields who have come together to spread the Dermatoglyphic Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) concept in India and other parts of the world.
DMITians by Global Skill Academy is a part of a billion-dollar International group of companies- 369 Ventures and Consultancy based in India, UAE, and the USA. They have more than 6 years of experience in B2C and have counseled more than 6000 individuals and students and now moved to B2B. They have already acquired 100+ franchisees in UAE and already have 120+ franchisees in India in less than two to three months. They are moving towards the target of having 1000+ franchises by end of 2023.

DMIT was mainly used to find skilled sportsmen for Olympic Games in the 1970s. DMIT Report will help you to decode – The inborn Intelligence of the child – Strong skills & weak skills, and the learning speed of the child. The personality type of the child. How does & how much does your child memorize? After 10th standard- the right subject selection for your child will help you choose the suitable Professional career for your child. DMIT is ideal for Kids/Teenagers / Adults.

Today our society is on the verge of tremendous and continuous growth in all fields let it be business, technology, education, art, or any other field. Society owes this growth to its individuals who grew in their respective fields and in turn, led to the growth of this society. It is also an age of competition and an age where everyone wants to excel in their field and at the same time want to be better than the other. 

In today’s high profile and high tech and highly competitive age, the future and Career are important to each and every person and its preparation starts from the early stages of life. But is the run so simple? Of course not, there are various troubles that one has to face at each and every stage. A student has to choose between confusing subjects to create a path for the future. A graduate has to decide on a field to make his or her career. An entrepreneur has to decide what business to invest in, to be successful. Even a relationship has to pass through a lot of compatibility tests before starting.

So, do you think this can be the best way to overcome all these hurdles?

It is knowing yourself better, knowing your strengths better & knowing your weakness better. 

Multiple intelligence test (MIT), a test that can help you Know, study, analyze and use your hidden talent and skill to make you succeed in your career goal. A test that uses the revolutionary technology of Dermatoglyphic to analyze your nature and mindset. A test that renders you the combined results of the following tests:

IQ test: Intelligence Quotient test for assessing mathematical, logical & linguistic efficiency

EQ test: Emotional Quotient test for assessing intrapersonal and interpersonal efficiency.

AQ test: Adversity Quotient test for assessing competency efficiency towards changes and challenges

CQ test: Creativity Quotient test for assessing visual, spatial, and musical efficiency

Advantages of Dermatoglyphic: DMIT can be useful to understand various real-life questions that commonly trouble people such as: Why are children not interested in studying? Why can’t children score well, even if they study hard, pay attention in class and go for extra tuition? What is their learning obstacle? Is it because of the learning environment, incorrect way of stimulation, or inappropriate teaching method? Why can’t children understand the lessons, and remember the newly taught things? Why can’t some people solve the problems by using logic and inference? Why do we conduct multiple tests for the following groups: some people always like to contradict? Why are people restless and overactive? Why are some people so quiet and introverted? Why it is difficult for some people to maintain daily diaries? Why some people cannot understand financial or investment matters easily?

And many more…

Dermatoglyphic is the study of fingerprints, palm prints, and sole prints. The dermal ridges begin to form around the 13th week of pregnancy and complete development by the end of the 21st week, and then remain unchanged. A dermatoglyphic analysis is the combination of new computer technology and science (Quantitative analysis), by scanning and comparing the fingerprint patterns, we are able to find out the inborn advantages and give suggestions according to each person’s own characteristics with no bias. Moreover, one’s fingerprints will never alter in the entire life. Each one’s Dermatoglyphic pattern is unique and unalterable. The dermatoglyphic technology-based Multiple Intelligence Test (MIT) is an excellent tool developed to support this fact of life. Through this test, one can explore their directions of interest and their areas of strength.

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