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TOYS@WORLD will be an NFT platform for creating luxury collections

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TOYS@WORLD will be an NFT platform for creating luxury collections

December 21
18:29 2022

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are cryptographic tokens that represent a unique asset. They are different from traditional crypto tokens such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, which can be exchanged for other crypto tokens of equal value, as NFTs embody something unique and can’t be replaced in any way. Examples of NFTs include digital artwork, domain names, gaming items, music, and real estate. NFTs are stored on a blockchain, allowing users to confidently verify that their NFT is authentic and owned by them.

TOYS@WORLD, an NFT collection platform jointly created by members of the game development team of the well-known Japanese video game company Square Enix and KOEI Game Company, and the Bear Brick start-up team of Japan MEDICOM, is committed to creating a collectible platform that belongs to the community.

The production team behind TOYS@WORLD is well known, consisting of Square Enix and KOEI game company game development team members + MEDICOM company’s bearbrick start-up team. Square Enix is a Japanese game software production and development company and publisher. Its representative work “Tomb Raider” sold more than 30 million copies worldwide in that year; KOEI was founded in 2010, and Tecmo After the company absorbed and merged, the game company that separated the game business separately, its representative work “Dynasty Warriors” created one legend after another in the global video games market. Bearbrick is the well-known building block bear, developed by Japanese MEDICOM company. It was officially launched in August 2001. By 2009, 18 generations have been launched. Since its release in 2001, it has become one of the most popular collectibles globally. It can be seen that TOYS@WORLD has put a lot of effort into the formation of the team.

TOYS@WORLD will be an NFT platform for creating luxury collections, so that everyone can create greater value in the process of understanding NFT collections, and will continue to expand reality technology and use blockchain to build a new blockchain gaming system, combining the NFT platform of luxury collections with the chain game system to create a brand new NFT collection platform.

According to official information on the website, the CEO is KENT Yoshida Kenta. KENT once worked for Square Enix, a well-known Japanese video game company, and was responsible for popular games such as “Final Fantasy”, “Dragon Quest”, and “Kingdom Heart”. The person in charge of the project; CTO is MARK Kawabe Toshihiko, who once worked for KOEI, a well-known Japanese video game company, led the team to develop popular game projects “Nobunaga’s Ambition Online”, “The Age of Voyage Online” and so on. The information also includes It is mentioned that TOYS@WORLD will continue to airdrop to the community from time to time and conduct a series of community operations.

Blockchain gaming is not a new concept and it has taken off across a new group of users.  Blockchain gaming provides a number of benefits to gamers, including improved security, faster transactions, greater transparency and accountability, and the ability to create unique gaming experiences. The security provided by blockchain technology ensures that all assets are safe from malicious activities. It also makes the gaming experience more transparent and allows players to make sure the game is running fairly. The combination of multiple elements makes TOYS@WORLD more different. We embrace new technology for a future generation of community members. Welcome to a new dimension in your gaming experience!

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