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BFChainMeta, a New Benchmark for Public Blockchains in the Era of Web3.0

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BFChainMeta, a New Benchmark for Public Blockchains in the Era of Web3.0

December 26
19:38 2022

Since Satoshi Nakamoto released the BTC white paper in 2008, blockchain has been born for 14 years. With the rise of DeFi, GameFi, SocialFi and other crazes, the blockchain has also entered the era of decentralized applications from simple token transactions. According to the web3.0 development report, there are currently more than 320 million web3.0 users in the world, and this number will exceed 1 billion in the next three years. However, due to technical limitations, web3.0 users cannot experience blockchain products anytime and anywhere. If a major breakthrough is to be made, web3.0 must no longer be limited to PC clients and allow users to access the blockchain network conveniently and quickly. It is gratifying that, through 7 years of painstaking research with 7 million lines of code and 120 thousand code submissions, BFChainMeta has built a mobile-based blockchain system: It breaks the constraint that traditional blockchain technologies must run on PCs, and extends the blockchain applications to mobile terminals. The Internet is thriving based on mobile terminals, and the blockchain will definitely usher in a new era because of the arrival of mobile terminals.

Mobile terminals are portable and easy to use, and have more than 5 billion potential users. This is a huge blue ocean market for the blockchain, but at the same time, due to the insufficient computing power, unstable mobile network, limited storage space and other problems of mobile terminals, its development is difficult, and many other public blockchain projects dare not get involved in this field. However, BFChainMeta has improved the blockchain infrastructure and data storage methods through its original patented technologies, making mobile terminals connecting blockchain possible and likely to be popular.

In order to improve the overall structure of the blockchain, BFChainMeta builds a mobile-based blockchain system called “BFS”, whose core components include: core application components, core blockchain underlying technology components, platform infrastructure and developer community. In terms of the core underlying application components, original DPOP consensus mechanism, RSD storage mechanism, private key management mechanism and multi-chain mechanism are used, optimizing traditional cross-chain methods. BFChainMeta has made many significant innovations, making itself not only the world’s first mobile blockchain infrastructure, but also lead the way in all aspects such as security, operability, and cross-chain interoperability.

Original RSD storage mechanism

Traditionally, storage capacity is often increased by disk array or solved by data separation. In order to increase throughput, more advanced and higher-performance disks can also be required. However, since blockchain nodes do not have these equipment conditions, the above conventional storage methods are not applicable in the blockchain. The existing RSD storage mechanisms are mostly pseudo-decentralized: Terminals do not store data, but relays them through other nodes, which betrays the decentralized characteristic of the blockchain. As a solution to this problem, BFChainMeta creates a totally new RSD storage mechanism, which means real-time node (R node), service node (S node) and decentralized wallet (D wallet), encouraging more participants and devices to visit its network and obtain fair returns. It supports both high-performance network nodes and decentralized service nodes, while enabling them to participate in the consensus mechanism.

In addition, BFChainMeta has also redesigned the data storage mechanism of the blockchain by adopting an original patented technology called “multi-dimensional sharding storage technology”, which can not only store massive amounts of data, but also maintain logical consistency in the application layer. Meanwhile, the currently commonly used NoSQL database-Mongodb is introduced to improve retrieval efficiency and integrated with SQLite to allow nodes to participate in consensus with a small capacity, providing a basis for fair rewards. What’s more, with another patented technology called “key checkpoint storage technology”, devices only need to store the block data after the newest checkpoint, which also greatly improves the retrieval efficiency.

Data security and privacy are also of great significance. A ring signature string will be used to encrypt the data to be stored, and when the data is to be read, the visitor’s private key will be used to decrypt the data, which solves the data leakage problem and enables safe storage.

Higher-standard BFChainMeta network

Centralized servers are required for most of the current blockchain networks, but BFChainMeta, as a new benchmark for the next generation of public blockchains, adopts a higher-standard network design. It redesigns the peer-to-peer network, which enables any terminal to easily access its network. It also introduces the WebSocket mechanism for scenarios with high real-time requirements. Furthermore, the combination of HTTP protocol and WebSocket offers efficient interoperability between different devices and networks, providing support for NAAS and foundation for the development of real DAPPs.

The innovative blockchain system, the origianl blockchain storage patented technologies, and the higher-standard BFChainMeta network have made mobile terminals connecting blockchain possible and likely to be popular. Blockchain is no longer an abstraction; instead, people can feel the existence of the blockchain network at any time and place with smart devices. With the continuous improvement of BFChainMeta technologies, more than 5 billion mobile Internet users around the world will have the opportunity to know blockchain better in the near future.

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