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Eat Seasonal Veggies to Attain Fit Physique and Strength

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Eat Seasonal Veggies to Attain Fit Physique and Strength

January 18
14:42 2016

vegbNew Delhi, Monday, January 18 – People residing the national capital and NCR do not find ideal chance of relishing an assortment of vegetables often as shelling out hefty sums to meet their daily veggie requirement is not an easy task.

More often than not, winter season is assumed best to enjoy a variety of flavors without compromising on the quantity thanks to easy availability of reasonably priced eatables.

Despite the fact that rainfall during peak monsoon was nearly below average, retailers are not overcharging the kitchen staples at present due to good supply, allowing populace to get tomato, beans, cauliflower, zucchini, lady finger, bell peppers, squash, bottle gourd etc. at an affordable rate.

Given that more than a few vendors are offering quality produce at a price that is not burning a big hole in the pockets of majority of consumers, it is perfect time to include leafy greens and other vegetables in diet for flaunting healthy skin and physique.

Wholesale prices of several veggies are within customers’ means. Onions are being sold at INR 30 per kilogram. These can be used to prepare delicious onion soup. If latest reports from close sources are to be believed then tomato and other common staples are not going to disturb kitchen budget. Usually, fluctuation in the cost of veggies at different time interval and without any prior indication takes buyers by surprise.

a kilo of peas is costing between INR 30 and INR 40. Provided that production of the crop has been good this year, rates are likely to fall further. Cauliflower and cabbage stay in budget this winter and find immense usage in different recipes. Had the prices been surging, local retailers would have blamed unpredictable weather conditions for offering a variety of kitchen stuffs at an elevated price. Weather conditions are warm this year but availability of veggies allows people to savor delicious food and meet the nutrition required by their body.

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