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NeoRuler, a smart ruler is about to change how measurement is done

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NeoRuler, a smart ruler is about to change how measurement is done

March 01
19:13 2023
NeoRuler is a smart ruler that can be customized for every need of desktop measurements.

HOZO Design announced the prelaunch of its new product called NeoRuler. The product will be officially launched on Kickstarter on Feb 28th, 2023. It is a smart ruler that satisfies all of the desktop measuring needs with infinite customizable scales, units, and 0.1mm resolution. It will potentially replace all rulers, scale rulers, and many other desktop measuring tools. Specifically designed to simplify takeoffs from design, architectural and engineering drawings. It works on both the Imperial and Metric systems and can be connected with a dedicated app to transfer and save measured data.

NeoRuler has three primary features that enhance its ability to aid in drafting, measuring, and reading. The Scale Ruler function includes 90 built-in scales, allowing immediate measurements during drafting with a single swipe. The Customized Scale function of NeoRuler enables users to define any scale within a few seconds, even from plans that have been reduced, enlarged, or are just out of scale. And the Divider function helps to divide a line into equal lengths easily.

NeoRuler enables users to convert units and scales without calculations, saving time and energy and reducing the chances of error, freeing modern-day professionals from loaded work. With four distinct modules for different purposes, including NeoMagnifier, Penholders and Caliper Modules, NeoRuler offers an impressive range of features. Each module is equipped with reading, drafting, and border-measuring capabilities.


NeoRuler can be easily connected with the MEAZOR APP. Simply pressing the Return/OFF button in the app, the user can transfer the measured data and continue further editing and drawing without worrying about losing track of their data. From paper to CAD, data digitalization is made easy by NeoRuler. The users can. export every single line into CAD files DXF, PDF, and JPG and easily share that with colleagues.

By employing the 4096-Grade magnetic encoder principle, NeoRuler is capable of quickly acquiring measuring results with a precision of +-0.1mm. Additionally, its durable frame, constructed from 6063 al, is designed to withstand wear and tear, ensuring a lifetime of high quality and durability. With a length of 30cm, NeoRuler is suitable for most measuring tasks, and its weight of 120g and ideal thickness makes it comfortable to hold. The custom-made 1.14 LCD screen on NeoRuler makes reading measurements effortless, while the front side features a stylish anti-glare finish for added protection. NeoRuler’s 900mAh battery can last up to 30 days of wireless use on a single charge and can be conveniently charged using USB-C.

The product page of NeoRuler provides all the necessary information that a user may need to know about the product. The NeoRuler is now available to backers only on Kickstarter with a special offer starting from $89, MRSP $129.

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About the Company:

HOZO Design is a pioneer in manufacturing the industry’s most compact and powerful measuring tools. In the past five years, the company has developed three measuring products and now offers a range of smart devices. With a presence in over 60 countries, HOZO has established two research institutes and R&D centers in Asia and North America. The brand always brings the aesthetics of technology to global consumers through a variety of multifunctional smart devices in the context of measuring.

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