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VAST Takes the Stage: A Chinese Startup Makes Keynote Speech at SIGGRAPH, Unveiling Breakthroughs in Generative AI in 3D Content Creation

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VAST Takes the Stage: A Chinese Startup Makes Keynote Speech at SIGGRAPH, Unveiling Breakthroughs in Generative AI in 3D Content Creation

August 18
18:39 2023

At the recent 50th anniversary celebration of SIGGRAPH, the most influential international academic conference in computer graphics and interactive techniques, top graphics, gaming, and animation professionals from around the world gathered for academic discussions and product presentations. SIGGRAPH has long been at the forefront of developments in computer graphics.

During his keynote speech at SIGGRAPH, Nvidia’s CEO Jensen Huang announced a series of technology and product updates, including the next-gen GH200 super chip platform, RTX workstations, AI Workbench, an Alliance for OpenUSD (a 3D image editing format), and more.

Meanwhile, a Chinese startup company VAST also gained attention with its keynote speech alongside industry giants like Nvidia, Sony, and Unity. While there’s limited public information on VAST, it is clear that they are channeling efforts into AI development.

VAST is developing an AI system aimed at reducing the expertise and costs often required to produce high-quality 3D assets and environments. VAST introduced its technique during his SIGGRAPH presentation, which delivers a better visual quality and lower cost with quick generation time, solving issues like the Janus problem, and inconsistency between texture and geometry.

The complexity of current 3D content creation methods often restricts widespread use. VAST’s objective is to simplify and lower the barriers of creating, distributing and consuming of 3D content, making it accessible for anyone to manifest their 3D ideas.

Using VAST’s extensive knowledge in gaming, animation, and AI, Song discussed the momentum driving us toward an increase in immersive 3D content. He referenced historic innovations such as the printing press, short videos, and positioning 3D as the next milestone in our digital progression.

Leveraging VAST’s wide-ranging expertise in gaming, animation, and AI, Song examined the factors propelling the world towards a surge in immersive 3D content. VAST’s speech not only provides the result of the academic potential of AI-generated 3D content but also introduces valuable industry insights.

In the fast-evolving domain of AI-generated 3D content, VAST’s analysis of the content revolution and the inevitability of 3D content offers considerable inspiration to the academic community. The team provides a perspective on AI advancements that stems from their industry experience. Their view introduces new dimensions to the discourse and conversation around the application of AI.

Beyond its core technology, VAST is developing an interactive platform for 3D content creation and sharing. The platform is intended to function as a dynamic hub where 3D creators can showcase their work, explore others’ creations, and access tailored, high-quality 3D content.

VAST’s name has appeared on the Blender website, a prominent open-source 3D creation suite. While it remains unconfirmed, this suggests potential collaborations between the two entities. Considering VAST’s platform and Blender’s community, there could be opportunities for product or community innovation partnerships.

“The advent of generative AI ushers in a new age of creativity, empowering anyone to turn their imagination into reality,” said the VAST founder. “3D worlds signify the next frontier, unlocking a new dimension of immersive expression.”

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