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Flora: Use Innovation to Drive the Development of 3D Art Design

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Flora: Use Innovation to Drive the Development of 3D Art Design

August 18
19:53 2023

With the development of the internet and technology, 3D art design is getting more and more popular. Due to its accuracy, authenticity, and infinite operability, it is currently widely used in many fields such as education, military, entertainment, and so on. In terms of film, television advertising and game design, this new technology can give people a refreshing feeling, so it has been welcomed by many users.

3D art design is a highly comprehensive industry, which involves many factors such as society, culture, economy, market, and technology. The aesthetic standards of 3D art design are swiftly altering with the changes of these various factors. Under this circumstance, Flora (YU Yufei)-a 3D generalist, has a keen insight into 3D design industry. She can always find out the needs of the market and design innovative products, which boasts its popularity within mass audience.

Flora Yu graduated from School of Visual Arts with a bachelor’s degree at Computer Arts and Visual Effects in New York, after which she obtained a master’s degree from Harvard Graduate School. In 2017, when Flora was still a sophomore, she already successfully made a VR Prototype about Robotics for her creating game Roboco. After that, she succeeded in making a Desktop & VR Prototype about Robotics when she was a senior student in 2018. With the release of Roboco, a bunch of teenage players start to explore mechanical construction and to develop their minds through Roboco. This likewise makes Roboco receive wide attention from public.

Roboco is a wholesome sandbox game about designing and building robots to serve the needs of squishy, hapless humans in the world of tomorrow. In the world of Roboco, teams need to build and control robots to conquer tricky challenges inspired by real world robotics applications. The players are free to explore, create, and interact through it. Creativity is important in Roboco, which opens up endless possibilities and encourages players to try out a wide range of ideas and experiments. Roboco creates a paradise of exploration and education for children, which is conducive to cultivate the innovative thinking and imagination for teenagers, and lay a solid foundation for learning programming in the future. During the development of Roboco, Flora wrote plenty of manuals such as Roboco’s Art Bible and 3D art guide for the sake of defining the art style of the games and also for the convenience of other 3D artists. With Flora’s expertise and innovative thinking in 3D design, this creative and educational game comes to widespread public attention. Parents think highly of it, because it nurtures their children’s creativity and imagination while entertaining them. This game, of course, has huge market value. As long as it has been released, a mass of gaming enthusiasts and companies put it into effect, and have shown 91% positive responses on Steam, the biggest game store in the world. What’s more, Flora had ran FIRST Global RoboCo Challenge for it, which attracted a large number of game players. The game also performed a home run in many competitions, it has won the “Best in Show” in the Intentional Play Summit 2018, Award Finalist in Reimagine Education Awards 2017, in I/ITSEC Serious Games Showcase and Challenge 2017, Official Selection in Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition 2020 and Seattle Indies Expo 2022,respectively. The beautiful and exquisite 3D esthetics of this profound game have caused a huge sensation within the gaming enthusiasts, Tons of players have been shocked and attracted by the engineering construction world, which at the same time create huge economic benefits. What’s more, it is tremendously beneficial to cultivate students’ ability of designing, constructing and programming of Robotic engineering. Its success has also directly proved the superiority and market value of 3D technology, which has attracted substantial technical personnel into the 3D design industry.Being a remarkable 3D generalist, Flora would not only focus on one 3D creation. Roboco is just one of her numerous innovative achievements. Besides Roboco, she designed a short video as graduation work with the name as “You Shall Be Happy”. This work art was rewarded as Draft Selection and Excellence Award in Rookie Awards 2020. Additionally, it was shown at 2020 Palm Springs Int. Animation Festival and International Film Festival Animation Bushehr 2021, and got “Constantine’s gold coin” 2021. Moreover, Flora had made two advertising video for Chamonix Vision. These creative advertisement are massively displayed on the billboards in central areas of metropolis such as Beijing and Hangzhou, increasing visibility of the company and attracted multitudinous potential customers for it. Furthermore, Flora worked as a judge for Polaris Initiative 2021 “Artis for Polar” and for Eco Young 2022 online “Future Food”, in which Flora was responsible for providing the professional suggestions and selecting out the excellent works. From here we can observe that Flora is an outstanding talent in 3D design field and her extraordinary abilities are widely recognized by the 3D visual industry. In addition, Flora have found out the immense potential by combining 3D technology with other emerging technologies in recent years. So she constantly innovates on it, and has independently developed “3D Animation Scene Automatic Planning System Based on VR V1.0” and “3D Immersive Game Scene Design System Based on Digital Twins V1.0”. These original intellectual property achievements make full use of intelligent technologies to vividly design and upgrade the 3D visual art industry to other aspect. Flora creatively incorporate various kinds of cutting-edge technologies such as VR (Virtual Reality) into modeling and visualization of 3D arts, creating an immersive experience which makes all the users feel like actually living in the digital worlds. Generally, these achievements are fully utilizing the merit of VR technology to create immersive game worlds, making the design 3D visual art more realistic and providing more possibilities to explore and interact. This also has brought brand new insights to the industry and promoted the development of the 3D visual industry.

Now, we are living in the time of innovation and technological revolution. This sort of rapid changing is unveiling a brand new era, an era with millions of challenges and trillions of opportunities. Therefore, Flora is always insisting on expediting new path of the industry, that is why people call her the leading talent in 3D design field. In the future, Flora expresses that she will solidly adhere to the development of emerging technologies, and keep providing for the industry. Most significantly, she promise that she is going to tackle more obstacles to make 3D design field more thriving than ever.

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