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What Lessons India Learn from 26/11 Terror Attack?

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What Lessons India Learn from 26/11 Terror Attack?

November 26
10:05 2014

terrorNew Delhi, Wednesday, November 26 – Today is the sixth anniversary of 26/11, one of the horrifying incidents in the history of India wherein almost of 166 people were killed and roughly 293 were badly injured in the attacks that took place at Leopold Café, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, the Oberoi Trident, the Taj Mahal Palace & Tower and Cama Hospital by reason of shooting and bombing attacks by the terrorists. This was an open war between the attackers and our soldiers that started from November 26 and lasted until November 29, 2008.

After six years, did India actually learn any lessen from such terrifying episode which not only shook the countrymen but also the entire world? There were loopholes in the security aside Mumbai, one of the highly crowded places of the nation. If rumors are to be trusted then more than a few expensive security gadgets were purchased after the attack to keep an eye over doubtful activities, however, remained unutilized. Million dollar question arises here is this who’s actually watching the security of the residents who travel every day by different public transports and wander from one place to another to earn their living?

It is a bitter truth that a lot of people have to depart untimely for the heavenly abode after being killed in serial bomb blasts that take place in various states, especially when festive season nears. Why don’t our security men take in account the rigorous safety of its people? It is the dire need of every human being as he/she always lives in a doubt would his/her return to home would safely be done post work or not. Despite the fact that it has been 6 years today when Mumbai turned red with blood on 26/11, coastal security stays susceptible. But at the same time it eyes can’t be taken off the fact that situations seemed to have changed to a great extent after Narendra Modi took oath as India’s Prime Minister and give crucial roles to his ministers, ensuring better growth and safety of the common man.

Zero tolerance towards terrorism is the key to avoid such attacks in the future. The countrymen remember the soldiers who lost their lives in Mumbai attack. Brave stories of Hemant Karkare, Ashok Kamte, Vijay Salaskar, Sandeep Unnikrishnan, Tukaram Omble and several other heroes will be remembered for generations to come. The government of India needs to take some crucial steps that could light up faith amongst the inhabitants that they are absolutely safe on their soil. Soldiers join armed forces to safeguard security of the nation. The complications faced by them are beyond imagination. It is not easy to live miles away from family & friends and fight for the safety of those who they hardly know. Effective gauges are needed to be taken before terrorist dare to cause casualties.

Ajmal Kasab, the only attacker who was arrested alive, was hanged till death in 2012, but it seems the message did not go appropriately amongst those who keep on planning to hurt India and its countrymen via different means. It is better to wake up until it is too late. Security should be tight at each corner. An eagle eye over warning emails would surely be a useful step. Apart from expecting every security related tasks to be accomplished by security people, one should try to be active of his own towards security of the surroundings. If someone confronts any suspicious activity then it should immediately be reported to the police. It is the time to take resolution all together to stay always united and help in maintaining the peace & harmony of the nation. We are strong enough to combat with any situation. Let us give our input to make India a safer place for survival.

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