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Bhaishajya Maha Yagam benefitted thousand of participants-says SVYASA

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Bhaishajya Maha Yagam benefitted thousand of participants-says SVYASA

March 04
10:59 2014

” The leading yoga science University of Bharat (India)”

•    High and consistent levels of coherent domains.
•    The field effect of the cosmic plasma was that the entire space was super charged with Intelligence.
•    The bore well water obtained from the Yaga site not only tasted sweet after the cosmic plasma, it was significantly brighter (20-30%) and very coherent or self-organized.  

Bangalore: Shakthiveda Wellness Mission, a global social charitable trust, organized 4th series of Bhaishajya Maha Yagam in Bommandanahalli, Bangalore recently. The event witnessed the presence of thousands of devotees, who experienced a positive transformation in their life.

ISSS, USA, in joint partnership with SVYASA, the leading Yoga Science University of Bharat (India) has done a study on the effects of this Mahayagam and founded that it has created a positive effects on the society. Also, during a specific period on the 3rd day at 1230 hrs, a powerful cosmic transmission was recorded, which was an intense localized confluence of COSMIC PLASMA.

The study was conducted to measure the effect of the Mahayagam on Energy of space around the Yaga kunda, which measures the collective intention of all participants, both locally and non-locally ie. global/cosmic interactions, energy fields of humans, pre, during and post the yaga, Yaga influence on water and level of attunement.

This Maha Yagam is a chain of 81 episodes, performed non-stop for 81 hours covering 3 nights and 4 days. The thrust of the Yagam is on 81 focal issues of social, national and international importance. Each hour is devoted to a particular issue and simultaneous to the incessant oblations on the one hand, the Yajnacharyan will go on cleansing relevant negative aspects through his intense Power of Intention which is transcendental in nature.

Rishidev Narendranji, founder of Shakthiveda Wellness Mission said: “We performed this Mahayagam with the intention to purify the nature and bring positive energy into the system. Many researchers who have conducted study on this Mahayagm have observed that the entire space was super charged and was filled with positive energy all around”.

Bhaishajya Maha Yagam is a multifaceted mega ritual organized by Shakthiveda Wellness Mission to bring healthy positive energy in the world thereby benefitting nature, mankind and all the creations of the earth. The Maha Yaga fire was started in the year 2012, where the fire was originally lit by the Yajnacharyan. The Divine Flame was preserved and carried over after every Yaga to the next one.

About Shakthiveda Wellness Mission:
Shakthiveda Wellness Mission is a divine mission founded and guided by Parama Poojya Rishidev Sri Narendranji to propagate true spiritual knowledge to entire world with a vision to create a perfect world of peace and goodness. Shakthiveda Wellness Mission is very scientific in its research methodologies and invented various techniques and methods which will assist the true seekers to speed up their spiritual progress. To help the true seekers of the ultimate reality, Rishidevji developed unique methods like Soul Reformation Programme / Jiva Yoga which will cleanse and empower the human body to connect with higher cosmic energies which is very essential to realize the self.

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