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Win an iphone 6 in India in a Proven and Trusted Way

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Win an iphone 6 in India in a Proven and Trusted Way

June 03
00:19 2014

Win an iphone in india
How many of you want to know how to win an iphone 5, 5S or the upcoming iphone 6 in India in a genuine and trusted way? If you aspire to win an iphone and thinking what to do next or how it can be done, then read further.


There are lots of websites out there that claim you can be the winner of an iphone, but not necessarily all of them are real. Most of them are gimmicks. Either you enter lengthy forms, participate in surveys, give your address; Its an endless list. Eventually you get frustrated and no one gets a thing. You are better off from staying away from such tricks.

Where to win an iphone ?

There is one genuine way to win apple iphone and alongside many other apple products. Its in a auction and bidding contest of website. Bidstall has a track record where users win iPhones, ipads, other apple products & many other electronics. Starting from the iPhone 3Gs up until and including Apple iPhone 5C many users have won iPhone here. Recently an Apple iphone was sold for Rs. 31.46 ONLY!.

win an iphone

How it works?

So how does it work? The answer is simple. You can win iphone in reverse auction and online bidding. Whats more interesting is that you never pay the full amount. Isin’t that even interesting? You win an iphone but you will not pay the full amount. Lets see how it works.

Bidstall auctions iphone & many other must have gadgets. Here you enter into a bidding contest where you start bidding against other bidders who are also interested like you to win brand new iphones at the cheapest price. First you register, then login, buy a bid package and start placing bids. After the auction has closed if yours is the highest unique bid closest to the maximum price of the auction you get your prized product. These iphones are auctioned under Rs 50 mostly. The thing to keep in mind is that a bidding fee is applicable per bid.

How much can i save?

The amount you can save depends on a variety of factors like number of users who are also interested in winning the iphone, your strategy, the strategy adopted by others and so on. On an average users have saved 72% on all products and 67% only on iphone. So an iphone that costs Rs 45,000 will go for as less as 15k. There is a possibility that you can even get an iPhone for FREE depending on how you get bidding credits. And by the way this is a brand new iphone, with manufacturer warranty. Now isint that simply amazing?

Summary of steps to win an iphone

Now just follow the below steps to win the iphone you always wanted.

Step 1) Register at with an email and password.
Step 2) Login to the portal and buy a suitable bid package. Note there maybe free offers available when you buy one. Further you may also get free credits and bonus where applicable.
Step 3) Place many unique bids and reach first position.
Step 4) User who is placed first after the auction is closed will become the winner and gets to shop the iphone under Rs 50. 

All the best. 

Media Contact
Company Name: Bidstall K2Ventures
Contact Person: Bidstall
Email: Send Email
Phone: 22748617
Address:#10 Sirur Park, B Street, Seshadripuram
City: Bangalore
State: KA
Country: India


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