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HOUNAX fully upgrades its protective system, creating a safe fortress for cryptocurrency trading.

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HOUNAX fully upgrades its protective system, creating a safe fortress for cryptocurrency trading.

August 02
01:45 2023

In an era when digital asset transactions are increasingly frequent, security has become the focal point of users’ concerns. Recently, HOUNAX, a globally renowned cryptocurrency trading platform, displayed its unwavering commitment to security, announcing that it will comprehensively upgrade its protective system, building a “moat” for transaction security with innovative technological strength.

Since the inception of HOUNAX, platform security has always been regarded as the first element of its survival. In this era of rapid information technology development, there are numerous cyber-attack methods. HOUNAX clearly recognises that, in the face of an increasingly severe information security situation, only by continuously reinforcing the protective system and ensuring the security defence line is impregnable, can it provide safe and reliable cryptocurrency trading services on a global scale.

Gabriel Junior Robinson, Market Director of HOUNAX, stated: “This upgrade is to further enhance the security of the platform, protect users’ transaction data and funds, and hence, create a safe fortress for cryptocurrency trading.”

The newly upgraded security protection system of HOUNAX will employ advanced security technology and architecture, covering several key areas including physical security, operational security, and network security.

In terms of physical security, HOUNAX uses multiple encryption technologies and cold and hot wallet separation strategies to ensure the safety of users’ assets. The encryption technology safeguards the security of data, greatly enhancing data security. In terms of operational security, HOUNAX employs cutting-edge multi-factor authentication mechanisms, strict internal controls and audit processes, as well as regular security audits and stress tests. These measures ensure all operations take place in a controlled environment, effectively preventing security issues caused by human error or internal fraud.

In terms of network security, HOUNAX has established a robust defence system, including an anti-DDoS attack system, and intrusion detection and protection systems, with the aim to prevent hacker attacks and phishing scams, ensuring users’ transaction safety.

Additionally, HOUNAX has introduced state-of-the-art DID technology, providing users with a trustless, seamless authentication method that can protect privacy, and increase individuals’ control over identification information. These technologies will provide double insurance for users’ transaction data and funds, giving users a stronger sense of security when conducting cryptocurrency transactions.

The security team at HOUNAX expressed that they firmly believe that a robust security protection system is not only an important means of protecting users’ funds and data, but it is also the responsibility and duty of HOUNAX as a responsible cryptocurrency trading platform.

It is worth mentioning that HOUNAX has also made significant efforts in compliance. Currently, HOUNAX has received MSB licenses issued by both the United States and Canada. This signifies that HOUNAX’s operations are under a strict regulatory framework, further ensuring the safety of users’ funds.

Gabriel Junior Robinson stated: “Security is always our top priority, we understand that in cryptocurrency transactions, the safety of users’ funds and data is most important. That’s why HOUNAX is fully upgrading our security protection system to meet users’ needs and expectations.”

With its solid security protection system, high sense of responsibility, and continuous efforts, HOUNAX is gradually achieving its goal of becoming the world’s safest cryptocurrency trading platform. For users, the existence of HOUNAX allows them to enjoy the convenience and freedom of cryptocurrency trading with peace of mind.

For all trading platforms, trust and safety are always customers’ primary considerations. Therefore, HOUNAX’s comprehensive security upgrade undoubtedly brings great confidence to the industry and all users.

Looking into the future, Robinson stated, HOUNAX will continue to enhance its security technology to become a fortress in the field of cryptocurrency trading, safeguarding the transaction safety of global users and resolutely combating all kinds of cyber security threats.

The upgrade of HOUNAX’s security protection system is not just a technical upgrade, but a deeper concern for users. As an innovative, open digital asset trading platform, we look forward to HOUNAX always adhering to the user’s needs and safety as the starting point, continuing to provide users with a safe and reliable trading environment.

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