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TRUNG NGUYEN LEGEND Coffee shines in the local market of Vietnam, poised to make an impact on the international stage, and ignites an investment frenzy

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TRUNG NGUYEN LEGEND Coffee shines in the local market of Vietnam, poised to make an impact on the international stage, and ignites an investment frenzy

August 08
09:38 2023

Since its launch in June, TRUNG NGUYEN LEGEND Coffee’s online franchise platform has achieved tremendous success in the local market of Vietnam. Now, it is poised to make an impact on the international stage, setting off a global investment frenzy. Founded by the Vietnamese national coffee brand CHAIRMAN VU in 1996 in Buon Ma Thuot, Vietnam, TRUNG NGUYEN LEGEND Coffee has become Vietnam’s top-ranking national coffee brand and is sold in over 83 countries worldwide. Among its offerings, the instant coffee brand G7 is particularly famous, while TRUNG NGUYEN LEGEND Coffee stands out as its premium brand.

Taking its business beyond Vietnam for the first time, TRUNG NGUYEN LEGEND CORPORATION sees China as a crucial part of its strategic expansion. Recently, the group successfully opened its first overseas flagship store in China, marking a significant milestone in its history. China has become one of TRUNG NGUYEN LEGEND CORPORATION’s core markets, with over 800 million cups of TRUNG NGUYEN LEGEND Coffee sold in the Chinese market alone in 2021. On the day of the flagship store’s opening, the store produced a remarkable 800 cups of coffee, with an average preparation time of just 8 minutes per cup.

In media interviews, TRUNG NGUYEN LEGEND CORPORATION stated its plans to expand the chain of restaurants after stabilizing operations at the first flagship store. Through investments and partnerships, the company aims to develop 1,000 stores across various provinces and cities in China. Additionally, the group plans to innovate in the energy coffee product sector, Vietnamese specialty dishes, and other retail areas.

Apart from the Chinese market, TRUNG NGUYEN LEGEND CORPORATION plans to focus on Vietnam’s domestic market and attract investors from cities all over the world. They intend to build multiple overseas flagship stores in cities such as Shenzhen and Beijing in China, Sydney and Melbourne in Australia, Washington in the USA, and Paris in France, accelerating their global expansion and solidifying their position in the international coffee market. Simultaneously, TRUNG NGUYEN LEGEND Coffee continues to enhance its independent product technology research and development, increasing the technical value of its coffee, and truly realizing the group’s vision of making delicious coffee accessible to everyone.

As the world’s largest exporter of Robusta coffee beans, Vietnam is renowned for its low-cost and high-quality coffee beans. Being the second-largest coffee exporter globally, Vietnam holds a significant position in the international coffee market. Currently, the global coffee market is experiencing high demand and rising prices, and TRUNG NGUYEN LEGEND CORPORATION has seized this development trend and plans to expand its production scale. It is predicted that by 2025, TRUNG NGUYEN LEGEND CORPORATION’s export volume will reach $5 billion, promoting the development of Vietnam’s domestic coffee economy, driving GDP growth, and adding value to the overall coffee industry and related sectors. Furthermore, investors have the opportunity to join TRUNG NGUYEN LEGEND Coffee’s flagship stores, participate in the establishment of production bases, contribute to the technical research and development of TRUNG NGUYEN LEGEND Coffee products, and reap substantial returns.

The entry of TRUNG NGUYEN LEGEND Coffee into the Chinese and overseas markets marks the commencement of its Vietnam-centered strategic layout, which represents a grand blueprint that has captured the attention of investors and coffee enthusiasts alike. With the full opening of franchise opportunities, TRUNG NGUYEN LEGEND Coffee eagerly awaits more investors to join and partake in this feast in the coffee industry!

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