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IN: Bringing Blockchain Gaming and DeFi To The Multiverse

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IN: Bringing Blockchain Gaming and DeFi To The Multiverse

August 24
18:29 2023

Science fiction, fantasy, and technology have expanded humanity’s imagination beyond the known universe. Concepts such as quantum realms, the metaverse, and the multiverse have inspired a new generation of game developers to create gaming experiences that are awe-inspiring and stunning.

These ideas formed the genesis of IN, a multiplayer online role-playing game that takes place in a fantasy world where players explore diverse locations and landscapes, combat dangerous monsters, build cities, collect gems, and develop personal characters with NFTs.

IN has envisioned and designed a virtual experience that caters to crypto gamers, DeFi enthusiasts, and is attractive to the Web2 gaming audience. IN is bringing to life the Marvel Multiverse through decentralized blockchain technology, NFTs, and advanced gaming engines like Unity.

IN’s native token TIN improves in-game profitability and the overall experience by lowering costs that traditional gamers are accustomed to.

Experience IN’s Gameplay Features: Leaving The Web2 Gaming Portal and Venturing “IN”

IN players can achieve everything found in traditional games and beyond. For example, IN gives gamers the ability to use their creativity to BUIDL and use technology, innovate their tactics to level up and explore new realms, and acclimate to society by uniting together and engaging in real economic matters like taxes, trade, property, stock exchanges, fashion, and status.

Even better, NFTs and Aptos blockchain technology enable IN players to own property, accelerate the game’s progress through decentralized governance and voting, and not lose everything ‘when the disk is ejected from the console.’

The most popular genre, “match-three,” expands the game’s possibilities with new battles and social gaming events like tournaments.

IN’s gameplay is original as it catapults players from different regions of the world such as America, Africa, and Asia through a portal and into the unknown multiverse. From there, players learn skills like leadership and independence and become heroes who build a reverse portal to reconnect with their earthly universe.

IN is the only game where players can fill in the void and forge the future of crypto gaming.

About IN

IN was founded by Vladimir Malyshev, CEO of OnGame Company. IN is an MMORPG with a “match-three” combat system built on Unity, advanced serverless technology and infrastructure, and Aptos. IN features imaginative concepts such as the multiverse and allows players to own NFTs and in-game items.

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